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PBeMFF Pre-season Draft

Click HERE for the current season's draft results

Click HERE for the young player draft forum thread where you can also make your choice

At the start of each season, managers have the option to select a young player from the pre-season draft.

Since there are 24 teams, there are 24 players available, and these are a balance of positions to try and best suit the demands of the game.

GK x2

DF x7

DM x2

MF x5

AM x2

FW x6

However the draft is weighted to favour the smaller clubs in the game, to try and help them develop talent and catch up. Therefore, the order of choosing starts with the team that ranked last in the game (12th in Div 2) right through to the Division 1 champions who pick last).

Here is the full breakdown of how the picks work:

At the end of the season teams are ranked according to how they finished the prior season. The top 9 in Division 1 will place 1-9 and therefore have the last 9 picks in reverse order.

Next, the Division 2 champions will be classed as the 10th ranked side, and the runners-up as 11th. The Playoff winners will be ranked 12th.

Next, the 3 relegated sides will be ranked 13,14 and 15 (with the lowest relegated being 15th, logically), then the playoff finalists will be 16th ranked. 17th and 18th will be the two losing semi-finalists (whichever came higher in the table will be considered 17th) and finally 19-24 will be the 6 teams in Division 2 who didn't make the playoffs, with 24th ranked (and therefore first draft pick) bein 12th place side

Each talented young player is generated using the scout tool, and is set to a luck factor of at least 70%, so should be appealing enough for most managers. They are priced according to their scout price (minus a small discount of £5m) so buying one is not mandatory if you want to spend elsewhere, you are allowed to pass your turn.

Once the draw goes live, each manager has 24 hours to make their pick. In reality this usually goes much quicker as managers are hungry to get the best prospect they can.

If managers time-out and miss their slot, they can come back to me and request to pick, BUT, they would then fall to the back of the queue. If you pass, then you missed your chance (indeed, why would you pass and then come back in for worse players?).

As of yet, it is not permitted to sell or trade draft picks. This is subject to debate. But for now, everyone gets one according to league order and you cannot take someone else's (if you agree to buy their player afterwards, well, that's another story).



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