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Woolmore Trophy

The Woolmore Trophy is a competition for the lower league teams. This helps them to build minutes for developing Youth Academy players (as otherwise they would likely only get short cup runs) and ensures a manager can prove themself even with a limited squad.

The lowest ranked 8 teams in the game (based on the EOS finishing position) play in the competition. This is the bottom 6, plus the 2 losing playoff semi-finalists.

This is a 2 legged knockout competition in the QF and SF phases, with neutral venue final. Games include extra time and penalties after the 2nd leg, if required. Each round is a new draw. The home side has an advantage of 300 in front of their support.

Click here to view current season's games via Dropbox page (scroll to bottom)

Click here for a full breakdown of the cup fixtures and results

Roll of Honour:

This is a relatively new competition so history is short

Season 46: West_Ham_United 1 - 0 Manchester_City (Mike McLeod)

Season 45: Arsenal 1 - 2 AFC_Wimbledon (Chris Taylor)

Season 44: Liverpool 2 - 3 Bayern_Munich (Paul Tyler)

Season 43: PSV 3 - 0 Liverpool (Gary Eccleston)

Season 42: Juventus 2 - 3 Real_Betis (Drew Hill)

Season 41: Liverpool 3 - 2 Wolverhampton_Wanderers (Steve Brown)

Season 40: Liverpool 2 - 0 Rangers (Steve Brown)

Season 39: Juventus 2 - 2 Fulham (Matt Baker)

Season 38: Missing info

Season 37: Liverpool 0 - 2 Newcastle_United (Pierre van Rossum)

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