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If you are feeling generous and appreciate the effort that goes into running the game for free for you guys, then by all means send something by way of appreciation. I’m not begging and I’m not going to start charging a fee for the game, it will definitely remain free to play, but if you want to donate anything to the running costs, by all means do, anything received will be greatly appreciated.

Any manager donating cash will have every pound donated turned into £1,000,000 on your balance and for every £5 donated you will receive 500 Ability points to distribute among your squad. There is no restriction on donation amount (other than a maximum amount of £40), though it makes sense to have a minimum of £5 so you can get the 500 ABs. For example, you may wish to donate £5, £10, £15, £20 etc...



Max of 500 ABs on to any one player (300 for under 18s).

Senior players - 28 rated for outfield players' main stats, 23 for any secondary, and 33 for Goalkeepers

Above applies to Academy players in their development season as well.

Youth players (x numbers) in the reserves - 23 rated for outfield players, 18 for secondaries, and 28 for Goalkeepers

If unsure please PM or e-mail before donating. All donations are non-refundable under ANY circumstances.

Use Paypal to help the cause. Please use the pay a friend option. Donation needs to be sent to paypal account

Please e-mail pbemff admin ( or PM on forum after donating so I can confirm your payment and add your cash/ab points. This will be done as soon as I can.

Further info - the current season's donation ABs remaining are listed at the bottom of the Finances document

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