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Youth Draw

Each season the x-numbered youths who you have promoted to the seniors for their academy season (season of destiny, if you will!) receive a star rating between 2 (weak) and 5 (super star).

The youth draw is done at around week 16 of the season. There will be the following ratings:

1 will be classified as a flop (2 star)

1 as a reserve prospect (2.5 star)

6 as sub players (3 star)

6 as first team quality (3.5 star)

6 as top players (4 star)

1 as a world class player (4.5 star)

1 will be a superstar (5 star)

The youth academy player received the above number multiplied by the minutes he has played, and this is added to his main stat (up to a limit of 33 rated, 33.3 for striker or 38.3 for a Keeper - more on this and the implications in the RULES page)

For example, if A_Player_x10 22 eng 1 19 12 8 34 200 500 500 500

is rated at 4* and plays 2120 minutes, the calculation is:

2120 x 4 = 8480 AB points. He would become as follows at EOS:

A_Player 23 eng 1 27 12 8 34 200 980 500 500

Of course you can allocate the ABs elsewhere but it isn't generally done unless the rating is either low, and you want to turn him into a utility player, or if he is an absolute freak and you have ABs left over!

Click here to see this season's results (draw around week 16)

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