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PBeMFF Division 1


The elite league of the game. The top teams compete here for the ultimate accolade, the PBeMFF League Championship.

The league runs over 22 games, 11 home and 11 away, the bottom 3 are relegated and all the usual stipulations apply. Home bonus is 500, this is the big one and you'll have a full stadium behind you every game.

Click here to view current season's games via Dropbox page (scroll to bottom)

Click HERE to view this season's fixtures

Roll of Honour:

Season 46: Portsmouth (Ed Tomlin)

Season 45: Celta Vigo (Dave Bambrough)

Season 44: Sheffield United (Dan Calland)

Season 43: Dundee United (Graeme Edwards)

Season 42: Celta Vigo (Dave Bambrough)

Season 41: AZ Alkmaar (Fred Wilkens - closest season ever)

Season 40: Celta Vigo (Dave Bambrough)

Season 39: Celta Vigo (Dave Bambrough)

Season 38: Manchester United (Ian Thompson)

Season 37: Celta Vigo (Dave Bambrough)

Season 36: Portsmouth (Ed Tomlin)

Season 35: Arsenal (Dan Calland)

Season 34: Arsenal (Dan Calland)

Season 33: Real Madrid (Carl Thomas)

Season 32: Aston Villa (Shaun Winzor)

Season 31: AFC Wimbledon (Mike Overill)

Season 30: Real Madrid (Matt Birch)

Season 29: Atlas FC (Keith Drummond)

Season 28: Independiente Santa Fe (Ed Tomlin)

Season 27: Real Betis (Oli Doyle - the invincibles)

Season 26: Atlas FC (Not sure if this was Keith or Andy Grant)

Season 25: Glasgow Celtic (Gary Eccleston)

Season 24: Atlas FC (Andy Grant - I think)

Season 23: AZ Alkmaar (Fred Wilkens)

Season 22: AZ Alkmaar (Fred Wilkens)

Season 21: Corinthians (Dave Lucas)

Season 20: Corinthians (Dave Lucas)

Season 19: Atlas FC (Andy Grant)

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