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PBeMFF Mid-Season Auction

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Each season at around the halfway point, an auction is held which offers all managers in the game a chance to put their cash to good use and sign a handy player. Whilst exact numbers are subject to change usually the number of players involved will be 8-9 - roughly 1 in 3 teams can win a player.

Players will be displayed on the website/forum for everyone to bid on. They will remain on sale for around a week and then sold to the highest bidder. The twist is that you bid by email, not knowing what other bids have been received, nor what players your rivals have bid on.


Each team may select THREE players only to bid on in order of preference. Bids must be made by email/PM and you can only bid what you have in the bank - if you don't have the funds, your bid won't be accepted.


In the past this has thrown up some outrageously high bids of over £100m and also some incredible steals where players have been overlooked (under £5m).


However what you bid, you pay, so if you bid £30m and the next best bid is only £15m, you still pay £30m. The trade off between value and getting your man is what makes the format so interesting. Commissioners won’t send updates of leading bids whilst the players are for sale, it is up to the manager to bid what they think will be enough to secure the player outright.

You must specify which is your first choice bid, which is your second choice bid, etc. If you bid on three players and would have been successful in buying more than 1, you would only get the first choice.

At any point in the season in the run up to an auction the Commissioner may decide to take a player from ANY club, to re-rate and put on the auction. You will receive a player in his place of the exact same stats but of a different name. This is so any “well known” players currently in the game suffering from poor stats may re-enter the game with more deserving stats. You will be contacted closer to the time if one of your players is chosen.

The purpose of the auction is to challenge managers to think about what type of player they want. There could be a golden oldie monster who could be the difference between a trophy and a narrow loss, but he'll be worthless in a season or 2, so is it worth the gamble? Similarly some hot young talent is available, but, will take several seasons to realise their potential. What about a ready made talent? What if he's got a bad temper? No pressure...


If you want to bid on a player (or two, or three!) please email at the time of the auction.

Season 47 Players

Results at top of Page After Week 11

M_Neuer       37 ger 40  1  1  1 26 500 500 500 500

A_Grimaldo    28 spa  5 31 22 21  8 100 600 600 100

C_Romero      25 arg  5 33 11 14 37 500 500 500 500

R_Lewis       19 eng  5 26 25  8 24 300 300 300 300

M_Caicedo     22 ecu  1 22 31  4 31 200 700 200 200

W_Zaire_Emery 18 fra  1 10 30 10 25 100 100 500 500

K_De_Bruyne   32 bel  1  6 34 19 13 900 900 900 900

O_Watkins     28 eng  1  5 17 34 32 800 800 800 800

E_Ferguson    19 ire  1 10 13 31 15 200 200 200 200


The images are copyright their respective owners. They are purely

for visual/illustrative purposes as to the players being "auctioned" in

a completely fictitious online game (which has been around since

before some of these guys were even born). Don't be a jerk and

sue, what else will Fred do if the game ceases to exist? If you are that

offended by the use of any image, please just email the webmaster at and I will request to remove it





The Auction Part 2 - EOS Forum Auction


Youth (X) players

At the end of each season a number of highly promising youth (x-number) players are generated and placed onto the forum for auction. There is a thread with full details (click HERE), but in essence, you can only sign ONE of these and you must not mindlessly bid people up.


These will then replace the same x-number player in your squad, unless you clearly specify otherwise (but it must be a positional like-for-like - so if you buy a DF you must swap with another DF).


Just prior to the new season starting, five world class coaches will be available to hire to do some training with your team, to get them into tip top shape. These will also be listed on the forum (click HERE) and what it brings to your team is outlined below:

Jurgen Klopp: so you've heard of heavy metal football, huh? A team that goes hell for leather to score goals. Well, having a few sessions with Jurgen will certainly help your team as it will give you 300ab shooting to all your senior players (can't promise it'll fix the defence though)

Pep Guardiola: modern, tika-taka football on your doorstep. Pass masters. After a pre-season being drilled by Pep, your entire senior team will be 300ab better off in the passing department

Sam Allardyce: Big Sam's not finished yet! Hoofball dead? Not a chance! Whilst Pep is trying to pass his way through teams, Big Sam is trying to stop him. And stop him he shall, as securing Sam's services will mean 300ab to all your senior squad's tackling

Petr Cech: Wait, what? Let me explain. Petr Cech is far better than Peter Schmeichel ever was. Sorry but you're wrong. Whilst Schmeichel had the aura, Cech just saved everything. Bona fide legend. And with his help, all your keepers will gain 300ab (this will include reserve keepers, since he's got a small group to work with)

Dr Steve Peters: Forget an intense camp in the Algarve, why not sit back and have your most precious player get some TLC, read "The Chimp Paradox" and discover their inner self. And by the time he's done with all that, he'll be reborn, as you can add 1000ab onto any stat of his choice*. Since Steve isn't likely to be cheap, you can also remove 2 AGG points from the player, as he will no doubt throw in one or 2 seminars about how it's ok to cry after you lose to Celta Vigo**, and such like.

You are still allowed to use a typical donation on a player rewarded with coaching ABs, subject to their usual eligibility criteria



As per the above youth auction and indeed the mid-season major auction, you may only sign ONE. So potentially, you could land yourself a super coach, talented youth and ready made star all in 1 season (but it'll cost you).

* This is for any stat up to the level of the youth cap (33/38) to prevent it from making crazy good players even crazier.

** This reference makes sense in season 46 and will probably make sense when you read it too.

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