PBeMFF Mid-Season Auction

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Each season at around the halfway point, an auction is held which offers all managers in the game a chance to put their cash to good use and sign a handy player. Whilst exact numbers are subject to change usually the number of players involved will be around the 15-20 player mark (roughly 3 Keepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 4 Strikers, and often a "utility" player).


The twist is that you bid by email, not knowing what other bids have been received, nor what players your rivals have bid on.


Each team may select THREE players only to bid on in order of preference. Bids must be made by email and you can only bid what you have in the bank - debt will incur more penalties (see Rules page).


In the past this has thrown up some outrageously high bids of over £100m and also some incredible steals where players have been overlooked (under £5m).


However what you bid, you pay, so if you bid £30m and the next best bid is only £15m, you still pay £30m. The trade off between value and getting your man is what makes the format so interesting.


If you want to bid on a player (or two, or three!) please email pbemff@hotmail.com at the time of the auction.

Season 43 Players - results:


TBC after week 11