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A vital part of being successful is getting the best out of your team. Below you will find a list of the tactic bonuses awarded to players in your squad based on their three outfield skill areas, TK, PS and SH.


A:DF [1.00, 0.50, 0.50]
A:DM [0.50, 0.90, 0.50]
A:MF [0.00, 1.00, 0.75]
A:AM [0.00, 0.90, 1.15]
A:FW [0.00, 0.65, 1.50]

The first column represents TK, middle PS and final column is SH. This means that using an A tactic, your FWs will get 1.5x their normal ability for shooting during a game. However on the flip side, FWs, AMs and MFs have zero tackling ability at all so as you can see, the all-out offense of A tactic carries some risks and rewards. If you study the below file you will see each tactic has its own strengths and weaknesses.

AvsD:DF [1.00, 0.75, 0.50]
AvsD:DM [0.50, 0.90, 0.50]
AvsD:MF [0.00, 1.00, 1.00]
AvsD:AM [0.00, 0.90, 1.40]
AvsD:FW [0.00, 0.65, 2.00]

Further down in the file you will see these types of descriptions. This means that the first tactic carries a bonus over the second tactic. As you can see here, one example is that if you're playing A against a D (Defence) tactic opponent, your FWs gain an extra 0.5, totalling 2x their normal ability level! This is of course no guarantee of a win, but it will certainly boost your chances if you get the tactic bonus and have your team set up in the right manner.

Please click here for tactic bonus/multiplier info



Submitting a teamsheet

Submitting a teamsheet is how you play a match. Both you and the opposition manager will submit a teamsheet to the league commissioner, who will feed both these teamsheets into the game software to decide who has won.

The teamsheet is a simple text file containing your tactics, starting 11, substitutes, your formation and any instructions you wish to give during the game. For example you might decide to change to a more defensive tactic if you go two goals in front, or substitute a defender for a forward if you are two goals down.

Arranging transfers

This is really easy. If you see a player you’d like to buy then you can get in touch with their manager either by email or on the forum. Manager’s email addresses can be found on the team pages.

Once you have discussed and agreed a deal with the other manager then both parties need to post on the forum with the details of the deal and the transfer will be processed.

Deals made before Thursday will be eligible for the weekend’s games.


Youth Academy players

Some teams will have players with a number in their name, for example A_Player_x15. These players are youth team players who are promoted to the academy and get to play in the main team for the first season. Managers can choose to promote youth team players they feel have good potential.

At the end of the season the ‘youth academy draw’ will be made, and each numbered player will have the amount of minutes they have played multiplied by either 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 or 5, depending on the results of the draw, and this number will be given to the player as ability points.

So if you have a player who has played 2,000 minutes and were a 5 star player in the youth academy draw, the 2,000 will be multiplied by 5 and they will be given 10,000 ability points. Which is very good news indeed.

The gamble is that academy players, in their first season, aren’t as good as the established players. Therefore if you spend a season playing an academy player and thus weaken your team, and they only turn out to be 2 star rated, then it was a waste of time. Managers can promote up to 3 youth academy players per season.



Once a season an auction of approximately 8-9 players will take place. Managers will bid on the players in a sealed bid process, meaning that they cannot see each others bids. If they have the highest bid after a week – and have the money in their bank balance – then they buy the player. This normally happens around half way through the season.



If you didn’t promote all your youth team players then you can scout a player. You email the Commissioner what age and type of player you would like and they will randomly generate a player for you.

A scout will cost you a fee of £1m.


If you think this is for you then get in touch! 

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