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Scouting Information - To be read in conjunction with the Game Rules page

So you have a bucket load of cash and a few scouting options left… You want to scout but you don’t have a clue what it is.
Scouting is one of the basic ways that a club in the PBeMFF world can bring in a player without any hassle of negotiation and gives a lot of clubs a healthy use for their cash balances.


Click HERE to view the scouts made during the current season (for information and guidance, along with youth promotions)

On making the decision to send one of your scouts to look for a suitable player, what you do is send an email/PM to the commissioner ( advising of your intention to run a scout. Doing this will incur a 1 million fee for sending the scout off (per scout), this is non refundable. After all, your scouts are spending every waking hour on the lookout for talent for your team. It is worth noting that each season you have only three scouting and youth academy options, so if you promote 3 youths to your senior team for their academy season, you have no scout options at all, and 2 youths = 1 scout option, etc.

In this email, you need to give the commissioner two details: These being the age range of a player you are looking for AND the position you are looking for. The positions are all the normal: GK, DF, DM, MF, AM, FW and the age ranges are listed below:


Players with a luck factor of over 50% only will be considered - so if the first one is 50% and below, it will be discarded until a suitable player comes up!

This represents the orders you have given to your scout when he runs off all over the world looking for the ideal player for you. But you can never be assured of the quality of the player that you might find, or even the price that his club may quote you.

Now here comes the important part. Even though you cannot pinpoint the quality of a player, you can seriously augment your chances of attaining a good player by following these guidelines. The younger the player you are looking for, the less chance there is of him being a worthy player straight away. This is to mirror reality. The older the age bracket you pick the better the chances that he is a good player, but of course he costs more. That said, younger players could have even better potential if developed properly.

Once you give the commissioner the scouting instructions, they open a spreadsheet created by PBeMFF and enter your instructions in drop down menus. Then a random player is generated within the boundaries that you have specified. Everything is randomly picked.

For example, if you want a 17 to 21 year old defender the spreadsheet randomly picks his age between 17 and 21, randomises his stats. 

Then the spreadsheet returns a price at which you can buy this player at. You then have a week to make the decision to buy, and if necessary, raise any finances. If you do not want the player, the commissioner will post him on the forum boards and notify all the other managers that there will be a forum auction on the player.


You can sign any of the scouts you request.

Youth scouts: 


In order to add another dimension and allow managers the chance to work on outstanding young prospects, a separate spreadsheet has been created for YOUTH/RESERVE ONLY (x number) players. The same principle as above applies. The player replaces one of your reserve, x number players and should you get lucky (and be willing to develop him) you could land a huge prospect for the future.


A second spreadsheet is needed as the parameters for the regular u21s and x number (reserve only) u21s will be vastly different; those entering your reserves side will start out much weaker than a named/senior player.

A named player will start off at a lowly rating, however may be fit for first team duties within a couple of seasons. An x numbered youth player will only be of first team quality should be receive a good star rating during his academy season (usually aged 22).

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